Friday, October 28, 2005

Nokia Software Flashing

Got another call today from a guy who had been to a shop locally to get his Nokia 6220 flashed and unlocked. The shop he took it to were obviously not very good at what they do since they did indeed flash the handset but neglected to unlock it. Fortunately the gentleman concerned had the good sense to contact us prior to ordering unlock codes.

I explained that we do not unlock handsets that have had previous unlock attempts or have been re-flashed in any way. That said he sounded genuine so I thought I would try the code with him and see what happened. When he entered the code it became quickly apparent that not only was the phone NOT unlocked, the software flash had also failed. So basically the guy lost £25.00 and still his phone is foo-barred.

Our advice in this situation is to take the handset back and insist that the handset is flashed properly as well as unlocked. If the second time it fails then get your money back (If You Can) and find a more professional shop or store to do it. DO NOT give up on it though because it can be fixed.

I get so fed up with amateurs who take peoples “Expensive” handsets and screw around with them without a full and concise knowledge of what they are doing. I just hope that this article will make you think and research a little better before you let someone else mess with your phone. I mean ask yourself this “Why do you think we don’t re-flash handset and only do remote Nokia codes”. The answer is simple, remote Nokia codes are 100% safe and cannot affect any part of your handset other than unlocking the network restriction.

There are some really professional mobile phone repair shops out there, if you are going to have your phone done find the best one, usually the one who has been around for quite some time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nokia Unlocking - Even at Hospital

I have just got back from the hospital, don't worry I am not dying or anything, just a check up. Did my bit in the hospital and made my way out to the car park. Now I should explain at this point that my car has a sticker on the rear window that advertises Nokia Codes from

As I am making my way across the road I see 3 people, 2 of them nurses standing next to my car. I asked if there was a problem, "No" came the reply "We just want our phones unlocked". Now normally I would be a little annoyed but since they were nurses I thought what the hell. I got my laptop out of the boot and attached my mobile phone, logged on to my website and placed the orders that they wanted and unlocked their phones.

It just shows what a bit of marketing and "Wireless Internet" is capable of. I am thinking of going back next week and just parking in the car park for the full day to see what happens…. NOT.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Useful little Nokia Codes tool.

In an effort to help our customers and to avoid any confusion we have created a handy NEW little tool and added it to our website.

Now when you want to order Nokia Codes to unlock your mobile phone you will be able to click on our little application and see exactly whether or not you will be able to use your "Unlocked" mobile phone on the network of your choice.

It's simple as well:

Click the link
Select the Nokia phone
Read the presented information about your phone
Select the country you wish to use it in

You are then presented with all the networks in that country and you will be able to see if your mobile is suitable.

This will avoid the situation where customers unlock the phone only to find out that it will not work on their chosen network.

To see it in action VISIT HERE

Monday, October 17, 2005

Mobile Networks and Countries UPDATE

We have just completed the updating of our worldwide countries and mobile networks database today. What this means is we have covered at lot more of the globe and many more networks. now boasts unlocking capabilities for 711 mobile networks in 206 countries. If you want to see the list please follow this link.

This time around we have added a lot of the (MVNO) Mobile Virtual Network Operators. This will help to stop some confusion amongst our customers as to what network they are really on.

This yet again shows the efforts we undertake in order to maintain our position at the top of what we do.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Nokia Codes - Protect Yourself

It still sickens me even after all this time the number of complaints I hear about other so called unlocking sites....

Over the last couple of months we have received a number of distressing emails from people who have tried order Nokia Codes from other unlocking sites, these ranged from "not receiving codes" to "once the order was placed and they had paid their money they were emailed to say that they could not unlock that particular type of handset and that they could spend the money they had paid on other things sold by them". There are many more that are not too dissimilar tone.

At we find this intolerable and will never partake in this kind of activity. The handsets shown on our Unlocking Page have been tested and unlocked prior to even appearing on to our list. We constantly research unlocking techniques and new handsets as well as new networks to ensure complete accuracy; this is why we have never had a failure where the criteria we publish in our Terms & Conditions on our site are followed.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nokia User Guides.

How many of you out there are just like me, you get a new "Toy" be it a new DVD Recorder, Car or Mobile Phone and completely ignore the instruction manual and just start playing with it. We are all big kids and its in our nature to explore without knowing the facts.

Then of course 6 months down the line your mate shows you something you did not realise your new toy could do, frantically you search for the manual to see what else you may have missed. As usual you cant find it, you seem to remember the dog was playing with the box and salavating all over it and the misses threw it out.

Well dont worry, we have a full list of Nokia Mobile Phone User Guides that you can simply download and print off. Just follow this link THIS ONE and select the handset guide you need. While you are there why not have a look at some of the other information we provide, there is all sorts including "Secret Codes" and "GPRS Settings".

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nokia Unlocking - Legal? Safe?

The answer is fairly simple - a resounding YES.

Is It Legal:
At present, there is NO legislation or law in the UK which prohibits the unlocking of a mobile phone enabling the use of any SIM card from any network.

In fact, we would say that it is the consumers legal right to have this capability!

Find out more information here Unlocking Law

Is It Safe:
Our 100% record speaks for itself - have supplied codes for thousands of Nokia handsets worldwide without a single report of a phone fault after using our codes!

Find out more information here Nokia Codes Safe

Nokia 6630 / Nokia 6680 (BB5 Handsets)

A lot of confusion surrounds the new BB5 handsets.

Can they be unlocked?
Will the locks be removed if i re-flash it?
Ive seen someone overseas who say they can do it!

No No No No No, please take my advice, these handsets can NOT be unlocked by anyone or any method at the moment other than going direct to the "Originating Network" who then go directly to Nokia themselves.

Please do not be fooled by unscruplulous people who just want to take your money and possibly even your phone. When it becomes possible to unlock them it will be posted on this Blog and on our website even if we do not offer the unlock ourselves.

If you wish to be kept informed on any news about these handset either keep an eye on this blog or Contact Us.

PLEASE NOTE: Th Nokia 702nk currently sold in Asia is NOT the same as the Nokia nk702 that appears on our website.

Welcome to our new Blog.

Hello All,

Welcome to our new Blog. We thought it was about time we had one cos' everybody else has one.

We intend to use this Blog to keep you informed of what is going on in the world of unlock codes for Nokia Mobile phones.

No doubt it will grow over time and we hope that you will find it useful, and at the very least we hope it will answer some of the queries you may have.