Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It was a 3G Christmas

Since my last update before Christmas it’s been a very busy period for us. We worked all through Christmas and New Years, there was however a distinct difference this year, it seems that finally everyone has jumped on to the 3G bandwagon. This is in no small measure thanks to Nokia and their great 3G handsets like the Nokia N70. It has also been one of the most frustrating periods since "NO ONE" at present can unlock them. We have been inundated with requests to unlock them and it creates such a negative vibe here when we have to tell them we can’t.

We have also noticed a significant increase in the amount of people saying they can unlock them, now I don’t want to get into a slanging match with anybody for criticising them, but the truth is "nobody" can unlock these Nokia 3G handset. We are aware that there is a guy in Belgrade that is claiming that he is unlocking them, however I have to have serious concerns when he is charging £65 not including shipping and the fact that your phone has to be disassembled prior to sending it to him. Add to that the fact that it could take up to 21 days and well I just don’t see the point. Our stand point is a simple one, once we know for sure that unlocking is available for these handsets, regardless of whether it is us that is doing them or not, we will inform the community immediately.

I also want to mention at this point that we will shortly be announcing the launch of our new postal unlocking service. This has been brought about because of the amount of requests we have received for us to offer the service. Over the holidays we invested heavily in the latest technology and are currently in negotiations to acquire a shop/office. As always you can be guaranteed that we will break the mould, we have decided that we will charge exactly the same price, regardless of model or make. Currently the price is estimated to be £12.50 including return shipping by "Royal Mail Special Delivery". Please keep an eye on this blog for further information.