Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nokia unlocking and the 3 network

The following is an "Un-Edited" email I received about 20 minutes ago. I have asked the permission of the sender to post it and have ensured anonymity.

Nokia 6280 unlocking
i rang up three uk for a unlocking solution and he guy said "that would be #200" so off course i payed like the stupid idiot i am and 2 weeks later three phoned up and said that they cant unlock it and that they weren't gonna give me my money

in conclusion if your thinking of getting a nokia 6280 or n70 dont get it on three

Our suggestion to anybody suffering the same fate is as follows:

1, Write a complaint to BBC Watchdog -
2, Complain to Trading Standards
3, File a small claim in your local Small Claims Court.

"Its theft", no ifs or buts "Its theft".

3 are making many enemies and need to be taken to task.