Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Site, New Features

Many of our visitors will have noticed our website change recently. The look and feel has stayed pretty much the same as many of you wished it to. The real difference now is that we offer "Real Time" nokia unlock codes, no longer do you have to wait for the email with your codes in it. Once payment has been made and completed your codes will be displayed with the instructions on how to enter them, live and real time.

As of today "3rd September 2006" there is still NO remote unlock codes for Nokia BB5 handsets.

The networks are currently the only people that can unlock these particular handsets and the cost varies widely, however they are getting their act together though with the exception of 3 “Three”. We are aware that Orange and VodaFone are unlocking these handsets providing you are the ORIGINAL owner or can get the ORIGINAL owner to get them for you.