Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mobile Phone Unlocking News

Finally I have a chance to make an entry on our Blog. We have been very busy of late setting up a relationship with a mobile phone unlocking shop in Leeds called We have established the relationship rather than doing it ourselves simply because we have seen these guys in action. They have all the latest equipment and also sell many accessories within the shop too at VERY reasonable rates. They are also unique in that whatever handset they can unlock from whatever brand it is ALL £7.50. Pay them a visit at

Just a quick update on BB5 handsets like the Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680 and Nokia N70. These handsets DESPITE what you may read elsewhere CANNOT be unlocked yet other than directly by the networks themselves.

I would also like to give our unlocking staff some credit here. Recently there has been a lot of confusion about the Nokia 6111 and in particular the way to generate codes for the different types, at unlox we knew immediately what the difference was and our customers benefited immediately. The staff we have here are ever vigilant to the changing world of mobile phone unlocking, and you can be assured that we will change with it.