Saturday, October 15, 2005

Nokia Codes - Protect Yourself

It still sickens me even after all this time the number of complaints I hear about other so called unlocking sites....

Over the last couple of months we have received a number of distressing emails from people who have tried order Nokia Codes from other unlocking sites, these ranged from "not receiving codes" to "once the order was placed and they had paid their money they were emailed to say that they could not unlock that particular type of handset and that they could spend the money they had paid on other things sold by them". There are many more that are not too dissimilar tone.

At we find this intolerable and will never partake in this kind of activity. The handsets shown on our Unlocking Page have been tested and unlocked prior to even appearing on to our list. We constantly research unlocking techniques and new handsets as well as new networks to ensure complete accuracy; this is why we have never had a failure where the criteria we publish in our Terms & Conditions on our site are followed.


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