Friday, October 14, 2005

Nokia User Guides.

How many of you out there are just like me, you get a new "Toy" be it a new DVD Recorder, Car or Mobile Phone and completely ignore the instruction manual and just start playing with it. We are all big kids and its in our nature to explore without knowing the facts.

Then of course 6 months down the line your mate shows you something you did not realise your new toy could do, frantically you search for the manual to see what else you may have missed. As usual you cant find it, you seem to remember the dog was playing with the box and salavating all over it and the misses threw it out.

Well dont worry, we have a full list of Nokia Mobile Phone User Guides that you can simply download and print off. Just follow this link THIS ONE and select the handset guide you need. While you are there why not have a look at some of the other information we provide, there is all sorts including "Secret Codes" and "GPRS Settings".


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