Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nokia 6630 / Nokia 6680 (BB5 Handsets)

A lot of confusion surrounds the new BB5 handsets.

Can they be unlocked?
Will the locks be removed if i re-flash it?
Ive seen someone overseas who say they can do it!

No No No No No, please take my advice, these handsets can NOT be unlocked by anyone or any method at the moment other than going direct to the "Originating Network" who then go directly to Nokia themselves.

Please do not be fooled by unscruplulous people who just want to take your money and possibly even your phone. When it becomes possible to unlock them it will be posted on this Blog and on our website even if we do not offer the unlock ourselves.

If you wish to be kept informed on any news about these handset either keep an eye on this blog or Contact Us.

PLEASE NOTE: Th Nokia 702nk currently sold in Asia is NOT the same as the Nokia nk702 that appears on our website.


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