Friday, October 28, 2005

Nokia Software Flashing

Got another call today from a guy who had been to a shop locally to get his Nokia 6220 flashed and unlocked. The shop he took it to were obviously not very good at what they do since they did indeed flash the handset but neglected to unlock it. Fortunately the gentleman concerned had the good sense to contact us prior to ordering unlock codes.

I explained that we do not unlock handsets that have had previous unlock attempts or have been re-flashed in any way. That said he sounded genuine so I thought I would try the code with him and see what happened. When he entered the code it became quickly apparent that not only was the phone NOT unlocked, the software flash had also failed. So basically the guy lost £25.00 and still his phone is foo-barred.

Our advice in this situation is to take the handset back and insist that the handset is flashed properly as well as unlocked. If the second time it fails then get your money back (If You Can) and find a more professional shop or store to do it. DO NOT give up on it though because it can be fixed.

I get so fed up with amateurs who take peoples “Expensive” handsets and screw around with them without a full and concise knowledge of what they are doing. I just hope that this article will make you think and research a little better before you let someone else mess with your phone. I mean ask yourself this “Why do you think we don’t re-flash handset and only do remote Nokia codes”. The answer is simple, remote Nokia codes are 100% safe and cannot affect any part of your handset other than unlocking the network restriction.

There are some really professional mobile phone repair shops out there, if you are going to have your phone done find the best one, usually the one who has been around for quite some time.


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