Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nokia Unlocking - Even at Hospital

I have just got back from the hospital, don't worry I am not dying or anything, just a check up. Did my bit in the hospital and made my way out to the car park. Now I should explain at this point that my car has a sticker on the rear window that advertises Nokia Codes from

As I am making my way across the road I see 3 people, 2 of them nurses standing next to my car. I asked if there was a problem, "No" came the reply "We just want our phones unlocked". Now normally I would be a little annoyed but since they were nurses I thought what the hell. I got my laptop out of the boot and attached my mobile phone, logged on to my website and placed the orders that they wanted and unlocked their phones.

It just shows what a bit of marketing and "Wireless Internet" is capable of. I am thinking of going back next week and just parking in the car park for the full day to see what happens…. NOT.


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