Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nokia Codes - To Pay or Not To Pay

We had an interesting discussion today via email with a gentleman in Spain. He was telling us that he had tried Nokia codes from some of the free websites that you can find on the internet and that the codes he was given had not worked. He wanted to know why our codes would be different and how we could be sure that they would work. We told him that since he had already entered 5 codes prior to contacting us that remote codes would no longer work and that the only solution to him was to have the phone "Cable Unlocked". He went away a little frustrated with the prospect of having to spend MORE money having it cable unlocked than he would have if he had come to us straight away.

It still amazes me how many times we hear this story, I mean I understand that people will always try to get something for nothing, its human nature, but there is that famous saying here in the UK and no doubt other parts of the world "You get what you pay for"! At we are constantly striving to improve the service levels we provide and part of that is the research that goes into unlocking methods. Over recent months the methods used to unlock a mobile phone have changed significantly so too has the support we have to give to customers to help them enter the codes. If you choose to try the unlock codes from some of the free sites out there then you also choose to make what could end up been an expensive decision. We are not telling you not to try the codes from these sites we are just saying be careful and make an educated decision on which direction you go.

Its also worth pointing out that our site as do many others will not guarantee success on your handset if it has had prior unlock attempts nor will we offer refunds where it becomes clear that previous unlock attempts have taken place. I know that I personally will always look at a paid option first because I have more confidence of success, but then again I would say that wouldn’t I.


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