Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Cannot Undo Restriction" / "Not Allowed"

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of times in any given week we get customers email us saying after they entered our Nokia Codes their phone said "Cannot Undo Restriction" or "Not Allowed". It seems some people just refuse to read the instructions on our website and just go ahead and order anyway.

I mean we make it VERY clear:

You are advised that you should NOT order unlocking codes if the
target handset has been subject to a previous unlocking attempt!
Refunds will NOT be given in such circumstances.

The above actually appears on ALL order pages so it is pretty clear. Just to clear things up "Cannot Undo Restriction" or "Not Allowed" means that the handset has had at least 5 previous unlock attempts and the handset can now only be unlocked by "Cable Method". You can normally get this done at your local mobile phone repair shop.

My other favourite is when we receive email saying that the phone unlocked but when they put their new sim card in it says "Sim Card Rejected". On further questioning it normally turns out that they are trying to use a 3G sim card in a non-3G handset. You can't do that since they are completely different cards, it's like trying to put 35mm film into a digital camera. Anyway that's my rant over for today.


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